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Are you looking for an activity full of mystery, excitement and challenge with friends, family or colleagues? Then discover Escape World’s unique escape rooms! You try to escape in time, but during your adventure you become part of a unique escape room experience..

This is because Escape World’s creators are experts in creating a different world. With us, you will find beautifully designed themed rooms, full of appropriate clues, hints and challenging assignments. Fun is our top priority, where we love to surprise and entertain you. Welcome to the world of mystery, spectacle and magic!

You can join us from 2 people up to a large group, from team outings to groups of friends. It is up to us to give you an unforgettable time.

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Discover the Escape Room Experience, Specially designed for an on-site experience, such as at home or online. For example, order a unique escape box full of beautifully designed interactive puzzles and cryptic messages. Or experience an online escape room in which you go on a digital expedition. Discover treasures, explore mysterious locations and evade traps in this adventure via a group app!

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