The Maze

Difficulty level

From 14 years old Accompanied by adults, this room is suitable from 12 years of age

2 tot 6 persons

The Maze Escape Room in Tilburg

The Maze is the most feared prison in Europe that holds only the most dangerous high-profile criminals. You are very notorious criminals who have been there for some time and know the prison like the back of your hand. Today, together you will try to do what no one has ever succeeded in doing: escape from The Maze.

Will you manage to break out, or will you wander around The Maze forever?

Note: recommended group size from 4 persons

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What did visitors think of The Maze?

"The atmosphere in the room is exciting. The constructions and minimal lighting make it a real breakout. The puzzles are great fun and you are constantly consulting with each other. Many hands make light work, which certainly applies to this room. But as experienced escapers with a creative ability to axe, this room is doable with three persons."


"I think I've mentioned it before, Locked makes very good, beautiful escape rooms. So expectations were high! But they were more than met !!! This room is called The Maze and it is, as expected, a maze - but in everything. Fun, innovative games where, in some, you really had to work together to progress. Communication between you is therefore very important in this room."

Bart MAwesome level, as expected ...

"This was supposed to be the hardest room at Locked and unfortunately we found that out painfully. We needed extra time to get out 🙁 It is certainly one of the coolest rooms. It's not a typical escape room but will definitely appeal to typical players, as the way of playing is the same. The room was top, the failure to escape a little less :(")

Veerleke 22Excellent room

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