The Grand Casino

Difficulty level

From 14 years old Accompanied by adults, this room is suitable from 12 years old

2 tot 6 people

The Grand Casino Escape Room

You have been hired to break into the most secure casino in the Netherlands. Namely, your job is to steal a priceless diamond from the owner’s office. But this is not easy, because the building is very well guarded! You break in after closing time, so pay close attention to how you manoeuvre in the dark, avoiding cameras and lasers. The police will be on location in 60 minutes after being reported, so it is imperative that you work as quickly as possible..!

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Our visitors about The Grand Casino

The 5 of us did inca's doom and Casino 1.Inca is really the most beautiful and best I have seen so far in terms of detail in the room. Truly an indiana jones experience. With some little hints, we still had 6 min on the clock when we got out of the room.Casino was great fun to do. Finally breaking in. well thought out. Unfortunately, we needed an extra 30 seconds to 1 min to escape the room. So this one was unsuccessful. Was also a reasonably difficult room compared to the inca. But cool! Had a great time!!! 5 stars for these 2 rooms!!!

Patrick SMost beautiful and best

After playing Incas Doom last week, we returned yesterday for 'The Grand Casino, Part 1'. Again, a beautiful room. We're only beginners so we don't have that much comparative material but we were impressed.Beautiful special effects, With only a few hints we made it through.There were only two of us and you have to work well together. Super fun afternoon. Nice enthusiastic welcome and chat afterwards. We will return on Saturday for part 2. Highly recommended!

LongSeeNoTime, Amsterdam, NederlandInsanely beautiful room! Verrrry nice!

Escape room casino 1, was really a lot of fun! There were 6 of us and it was a very successful evening. Well organised, good guidance and a fun experience!

karin678714, Hoofddorp, NederlandVery nice!

Today I played the escape room 'the incas' and the escape room 'the grand casino'. Both fantastic escape rooms. Very well done and I was very impressed by both escape rooms. I can recommend these escape rooms to everyone and will definitely come back again.

Susan DFantastic

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