The Grand Casino


9 years and older

2 - 6 people

The Grand Casino Part 1 Escape Room

You as a team of thieves have your eyes on stealing world’s largest diamond, currently owned by a ruthless casino owner. Indulge yourself in a great atmosphere with poker tables and slot machines where you need to fool the security system made out of lasers!

Part 1: Are you and your team part of the new Ocean’s Eleven? You’ve been selected to break in into the MGM Grand, Las Vegas’ most highly secured casino. Once inside you need to deactivate the security system and hack all the casino games. You only have one hour to complete your mission and leave the building before the owner will catch you!

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Our visitors about The Grand Casino

inca's doom and Casino 1 done with 5 people.
In terms of detail in the room, Inca is really the most beautiful and best thing I have seen so far. Truly an indiana jones experience. With some small hints we had 6 minutes left on the clock when we left the room.
Casino was great fun to do. Finally break in once. well thought out. Unfortunately we needed an extra 30 seconds to 1 min to escape the room. So this one failed. Was also a fairly difficult room
across from the inca. But cool! We had a great time !! 5 stars for these 2 rooms !!!

Patrick SThe best and most beautifull

After playing the Inca's Doom last week, we returned yesterday for 'The Grand Casino, Part 1'. Again a beautiful room. We are only beginners and so we don't have that much comparison material yet
We were impressed. Beautiful special effects, With just a few hints we made it.
We were just the two of us and you have to work well together. Had a great afternoon. Nice enthusiastic reception and chat afterwards. We will be back on Saturday for part 2. Highly recommended!

LongSeeNoTime, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsIncredibly beautiful room! Verrry nice!

Escape room casino 1, was really fun! We were 6 and it was a very successful evening. Well arranged, good guidance and a fun experience!

karin678714, Hoofddorp, NederlandA lot of fun!

Today I played the escape room "the Inca" and the escape room "the grand casino". Both fantastic escape rooms. Very well done and I was very impressed by both escape rooms. I can recommend these escape rooms to everyone and will come back anyway.

Susan DFantastic

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