The Gold Mine

Difficulty level

From 15 years old Accompanied by adults, this room is suitable from 12 years of age

2 - 6 people

The Gold Mine Escape Room

Deep in the almost inaccessible part of the dunes in Zandvoort is a nearly 200-year-old closed gold mine. After years of procedures, it has finally succeeded in
get government permission to reopen the gold mine. Locals believe there is still a lot of gold in the mine and gold fever in Zandvoort is raging. Which team of adventurous miners will dare to descend deep into the dilapidated gold mine to find out whether the stories about the undiscovered, hidden riches are actually true…?

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Visitors about The Gold Mine

We did the escaperoom "goldmine" and despite not getting out in time (we are not very good hahaha) we thought it was a really fun room! You really imagine yourself in the mine and that makes it extra fun! The staff were also extremely friendly, patient and helpful, and highly recommended!

Patricia VerdierGold mine!

We played a really fun room ("the goldmine"). Especially the decoration of the room was very successful, on top of that also some unusual puzzles and riddles which makes it surprisingly fun. The only drawback is finding a parking space, which is almost more difficult than the escaperoom itself 😉

TomDecoration very good

Goldmine is highly recommended!

Jolanda MeijerRecommended!

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