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An enchanted typewriter, once the prized possession of Hendrik van den Droom, has the mysterious power to blur the line between fiction and reality. However, something has gone horribly wrong: the typewriter has derailed and now writes one terrifying story after another, all of which become reality. These stories travel through the city like shadows, slowly leading Tilburg into darkness. It is up to your team to stop these shadows, before the light in the city goes out forever!

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City Game in center of Tilburg

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90 minutes game

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Game case, diaries and mystery map

2 to 18 people (max. 6 per group)

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Mysterious City Game

Save Tilburg from the Dark Shadows...

The City Game starts at our Escape World location in Tilburg on the Stationsstraat. Each team will receive a briefing and the game case with the mystery map will be handed over. From the Stationstraat, the game will take you on a journey of discovery through Tilburg, past unusual locations and full of challenging puzzles!

  • City Game in Tilburg City Center
  • Game Kit, Diary and Mysterious Map
  • ± 90 minutes of playtime
  • 2 to 18 players (max. 6 people per group)
  • Battle Mode Available!
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Mysterious Game Case

In the game case, you will find various tools that will help you during the adventure and put you to work at specific locations in the city. But don’t forget the mysterious map, before you get lost! By solving all the puzzles in time, you can drive the shadows out of Tilburg before they dominate the city.

Unique puzzles on location

To make the dark shadows disappear from Tilburg, you solve riddles at specific locations. The suitcase contains tools and puzzles, but Tilburg itself is also part of the game. The city of Tilburg needs you. Book now!

Experiences with this City Game

Incredibly fun game that is well put together. You get to know the city in a different way. We played with the family (4 adults) and found the difficulty level very enjoyable. Certainly not too difficult, but not too easy either. The game contains interactive tasks and there are some tricky ones here and there. We played the game with 2 people which was quite manageable! Definitely recommended!


Groups & packages

Perfect team or group outing

Out and about with friends, family or colleagues in Tilburg? Then experience this unique city game. Challenge each other with assignments and work towards a surprising finale. Are you with several people? Alternate and play the game against each other in an exciting time race! The dark shadows don’t wait for you!

60 to 90 minutes
2 – 8 persons
16,50 p.p.
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Combine with an Escape Room!

This City Game can be perfectly combined with a magical escape room in Tilburg at Escape World. When the first group is in the escape rooms, the other group plays the City Game. After 1 to 1.5 hours, you switch adventures. This way you combine the City Game and neither group has to wait!

3-4 hours
5 to 38 persons
35,- p.p. (including escape room!)
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Escape room +
City game

35,- p.p.
5-38 persons
3-4 hours

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Frequently asked questions

How do you play this city game and what do you need?

To play this city game, all you need is the mysterious painter’s case. You don’t need to bring anything yourself. We ask you to be present 15 minutes before curtain-up. Our game master will give you a short explanation and of course the painting case. The rest is up to you!

With how many people can I play the game?

The City Game can be played from 2 to 8 people. By alternating groups or using packages, groups of up to 36 people can experience the game!

What age is the city game suitable for?

The city game can be played independently by anyone aged 16 and over. Under supervision, players aged 12 and over are also welcome. The game is not scary and contains no explicit topics.

Is this city game suitable for English speaking players?

Absolutely! Our Game masters can give the instructions in English and will fill your mysterious suitcase with English puzzles and clues. Enjoy the game!

How long does the city game last?

The game lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. Book the city game in combination with an Escape Room? Then the whole thing will take around 3 to 4 hours.

What is the price of the city game?

The city game can be booked for 16.50 p.p. (from 3 persons). Book the outdoor game in combination with an Escape Room? Then the combination price is 35,- p.p. including the Escape Room!

I have a different question

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