The Game

Difficulty level

From 12 years old Accompanied by adults, this room is suitable from 9 years of age

2 to 6 people

The Game Escape Room Tilburg

Next to our own world exists another magical world full of games where the Games King called Enigma rules. As a young prince, he saw that once people get older they lose the joy of games. This MUST change according to Enigma!

As a result, he visits everyone once in their lifetime with a 60-minute test to remind them how important games are. Enter his world and pass the test, or remain trapped forever. Do you know how to find all the games and defeat the games king?

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What did visitors think of The Game?

"Incredibly fun puzzles and did not sit still for a second nice room for beginners and advanced escapers. We had moments going back to the old days with certain games. Fun room to play"

Cupido 79Game time; start the game

"Cute room, with a different theme for a change. Totally my thing, with the different board games. This led to different types of puzzles, prompting several ways of thinking. We complemented each other well, which actually led to us breaking the record. The guides were enthusiastic when we arrived. they also gave the right tips during the game. You simply come out of the room in good spirits. Just go"

IneOriginal room

"Everything but an average room but puzzling from start to finish! Totally non-linear everyone can puzzle or solve something at the same time.Fun room for beginners but even if like us you have played over 70 rooms still a challenge!"`

Sebastiaan BSurprisingly fun!

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