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Looking for beautiful and unforgettable escape rooms in Hoofddorp? Step into an unreal world and be enchanted. At Escape World Hoofddorp, you will play the best escape rooms in the region. These are known for their original puzzles and believable themes. We provide a magical outing you won’t soon forget!

4 rooms (2-24 people)
As from 23,- p.p.
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Our Escape Rooms in Hoofddorp

The escape rooms for outings with friends, family or colleagues. Experience the best escape experience in Hoofddorp and surroundings! Inspired by the best escape rooms, but even better. Will we see you soon at Escape World?


Discover the secrets of the jungle and penetrate the ancient temple. You won’t have an easy time resisting the hypnotic powers of Noo’zaca, the evil god of the ancestors! Or play against each other in the two identical Inca rooms!

From 9 years old
2 to 6 people Up to 12 persons if you book two of the same rooms.
Battle room Two identical rooms, in which you can also play against each other!
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The Grand Casino

You have been hired to break into the Netherlands’ most secure casino to steal an invaluable diamond. You will break in after closing time, so watch out for darkness, cameras and lasers..!

From 14 years old Accompanied by adults, this room is suitable from 12 years of age
2 tot 6 people
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You have heard that a king has the magic sword Excalibur in his possession and keeps it in the treasure chamber of his medieval castle. You go on an adventure to get this sword while the king is on a rampage. But beware: he will return within the hour!

From 12 years old
2 tot 6 people
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40,- pp
80 Total
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23,- pp
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* Prices are per person in euros. More than 6 players? Then book multiple escape rooms!

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“Family outing, great fun! Inca’s Doom was the first room ever for 3 of the 4 family members and it is definitely worth repeating. Luckily the nice staff gave us some hints that allowed us to escape in 50 minutes.”  – M van de Geest

“Nice first experience with an escaperoom, room was nicely decorated (casino room). Did need some hints in the beginning. Nice enthusiastic gamemaster. Definitely worth repeating! Coming soon to the Amsterdam branch.” – Bonnie

“Was super, the puzzles were a bit tricky for us but they were good to do. Got good explanations beforehand and hints at the right moments. In short we had a top evening” – Linda Opdam

For groups and companies

You are warmly welcome as a group or company in our lounge and escape rooms. In Hoofddorp, groups of up to 24 persons can enjoy our offer! You can easily book multiple escape rooms online, so that you can enjoy a great escape experience at the same time. Or combine your escape room with an activity or catering at Claus (in the same building!). We take care of a magical escape, all you have to do is enjoy it!

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Book your escape room in Hoofddorp online now

Booking online with us is quick and easy with the online booking form. You can often even book last-minute with us. You can even book online an hour in advance! Is the escape room you wanted already booked? Feel free to choose another one. We assure you that every escape room is a unique experience for everyone!

The story of Escape World

At our Hoofddorp branch, you can choose from challenging escape rooms, all developed by the creators of Escape World. Step into another world and be amazed by our highly themed escape rooms and our welcoming game masters! Our team loves to create beautiful things, surprise you and make it a wonderful time. Will you come and experience it for yourself?

Escape World’s locations suit everyone: from escape room enthusiasts to stag parties, and from family outings to children’s parties. With 19 escape rooms across four locations and a wide range of themes, you’ll always find something to suit you!

And did you know we have thought about our unique location? All our branches, including Hoofddorp, are in a prime location. Easily accessible and with entertainment nearby. In Hoofddorp you can also enjoy catering and activities in the same building. This makes your Escape Room outing complete!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about our escape rooms in Hoofddorp? Or would you like to know what we can do for (large) groups? Check the frequently asked questions below. Is your question not among them? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.

1. How do you play an escape room?

If we were to answer this question, we would give away all the surprise and experience. Let’s just say that it is one of the most exciting and adventurous ways to spend time with your friends, family or colleagues. The game itself involves you all working together to escape from a room by solving a mystery. Solve the mystery and escape within 60 minutes. Does this all sound very simple? Then come and experience it soon!

2. Is it scary / suitable for children?

Only The Grand Casino is sometimes found exciting because of the little light in the room. There are no horror themes or effects. Furthermore, no major fear factors or heavy physical activities are present in our escaperooms. In particular, our escape rooms are themed; similar to the Efteling!

Our rooms are suitable for children and young adults, if necessary accompanied by an adult. For each room, you will find the recommended ages. We recommend you stick to these! Adults may supervise per room, but cannot take part in the game itself. We also apply a minimum number of 4 and a maximum of 6 children per game. More information can be found here .

3. Can we have something to eat/drink at Escape World?

It is not possible to eat or drink anything with us. However, we are located in the premises of Claus, where you will find delicious catering, for a drink ;or even entire dinners. You can make your own reservations at the desired restaurant or for another activity, via

Upon reception, we do offer a cup of coffee, tea or water for while you wait.

4. With how many persons can we do an escape room?

This varies from room to room. With each escape room, you will find the recommended numbers of people. In general, you can play with 2-6 people in 1 escape room. It is not possible to do an escape room with 7 people!

However, larger groups can be divided between rooms, for example, 24 people can play in 4 escaperooms at the same time. If there are larger numbers, a second round can be booked.

5. Can we play against each other in the same theme?

Yes definitely! We have two identical copies of the Inca’s Doom theme. So with a group of up to 12 people, you can take on the same adventure in two teams simultaneously! If you feel like competing, be sure to compete with your friends, family or colleagues!

6. What themes do you have?

We have 4 rooms with 3 different themes: 1x The Grand Casino, 1x Excalibur: The Magical Sword and 2x The Inca’s Doom. Each theme has an exciting and different story, theme and decor. Each room has completely different puzzles, codes and unique storyline. So you can also book other Escape Rooms and have a completely different experience!

7. Why Escape World Hoofddorp?

Book with us if you are looking to have a fun and memorable time with friends, family or colleagues. Our escaperooms are designed to be one of the most fun 60 minutes you will ever experience with your friends, family or partner. You will learn a lot about yourself and the rest of your team in a very short time and, above all, you will just have a lot of fun. Moreover, Escape World Hoofddorp offers the unique combination of fun (bowling and escaperooms), delicious food (the Brazilian steak restaurant Barraca or pizza) AND it is an excellent meeting and party location. Want to know more about dining, bowling or meetings? Check out

8. Do you also offer packages for larger groups?

Escape World Hoofddorp is located in Claus and therefore offers the perfect opportunity to combine with bowling, dining or meetings. For our escape rooms, up to 24 people can have a great experience at the same time! For more information on group packages with activities, please check out and our packages.

9. Do you also offer special company outings?

Absolutely! Escape World specialises in corporate outings and we offer events that are fun and challenging. The concept is based on learning through play and cooperation, making it very suitable for team building. It is suitable for all ages and requires no physical exertion. Contact [email protected] for more information and prices.

10. Can I also book last-minute?

You certainly can! The easiest way is to use our online booking tool. With this, you can easily see if there are any last-minute options still open. The options are updated instantly and are therefore actually bookable. You can book an escape room up to 1 hour in advance.

11. How can I change or cancel a booking?

You can cancel free of charge up to one week before your escape room starts. After that, certain rules apply. Please read our booking conditions..

Please contact us via [email protected] to indicate your change.

12. In which languages can the escape rooms be played?

Onze escape rooms zijn tweetalig: dit betekent dat alle teksten in het spel zowel in het Engels, als in het Nederlands te vinden zijn. Als de tekst maar op één manier weer te geven is, dan zal dit in makkelijk begrijpbaar Engels zijn.

Het is dus mogelijk om met een gemixte groep van Nederlandstalige en Engelstalige mensen tegelijkertijd de escape room te spelen!

In English:

Our escape rooms are bilingual: this means that all texts in the game can be found in both English and Dutch. If there is only one way to display the text, it will be in easy to understand English.

It is therefore possible to play the escape room with a mixed group of Dutch and English people at the same time!

13. Where can I park?

You can park for free in the large car park in front of the Bowling and Casino entrance. The entrance is also at the Bowling’s entrance.

14. Are your escape rooms also suitable for people in wheelchairs?

This venue is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible

Location & route


Escape World’s escape rooms are located in the Claus building. It is easily and quickly accessible from Haarlem, Schiphol Airport and Hoofddorp itself. It is possible to come by car and park for free or get off at bus stop “Overbos” of bus line 300 or 340 (5-minute walk from bus stop).

Bosweg 19
2131 LX Hoofddorp You can enter at Claus’ location, there you can follow the signs to the entrance of Escape World.

+31 232052820
Email & Contact

Plan your route

Tuesday to friday:
13:00 – 22:00

Saturday & sunday:
13:00 – 22:00

Parking is free on the Claus premises. You will find Escape World Hoofddorp in the location!

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