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You’ve been going out together, but don’t really feel like going to the cinema again or having a drink somewhere. You would rather take on a new challenge together with a partner in crime! Undergo the ultimate test to test your unconditional friendship or bond. An escape room for 2 people is perfect for you.

Escape rooms are usually set up for groups of up to 6 people, but for real puzzle solvers, they can also be played with 2 people. At Escape World, we make it possible to experience our challenging escape rooms together with your partner, best friend, brother or sister. For those who think, “We can do that easily”, we can only say: it’s harder than you think…!

Play with two people

The escape rooms contain just as many mysterious puzzles and locks to escape. You will be given as much time as usual, but you will have to do it in pairs. Get to know each other in a whole new way. Do you know what your strong side is and the other’s? Do you divide tasks, or join forces? It’s all about rock-solid communication. Together, you will go on an adventure in one of our exciting escape rooms.

Is your bond strong enough to solve the mysteries and escape in time?

Our Escape Rooms suitable for 2 people

The Inca's Doom

You are on an expedition into the mysterious world of the Incas. To discover the secrets of the jungle and enter an ancient temple, you will have to solve all the puzzles on your way there. But watch out for Noo’zaca, the evil god of the ancestors… With his hypnotic powers, he won’t make things easy for you!

Resist the powers of Noo’zaca and unravel all the secrets of the Incas, before the other team beats you to it!

This Battle Escape Room can be played at the Escape Room location in Hoofddorp.


Cabin in the Woods

The forest walk you and your friends went on unfortunately does not go as planned. You get lost and unexpectedly need to find a place to spend the night. In the distance, you suddenly see a log cabin, an ideal place to take shelter… Or is it?

Spooky noises and unexplained things scare you. There is a curse on this place and apparently no one has ever managed to leave this log cabin alive! Will you succeed in escaping the cursed cabin?

This Battle Escape Room can be played at the Escape Room locations in Amsterdam Waterlooplein and Zoetermeer.

Secret Sister society Escape Room

Secret Sister Society

The women’s boutique of the very sweet, old woman Miss Michelle harbours a dark secret. Miss Michelle, now at the end of her life days, is an old criminal who has developed a rejuvenating virus for herself so that she can pick up her criminal practices again.

But not if it is up to you! It’s time to stop her. Will you manage to destroy Miss Michelle’s virus on an unguarded day?

This Escape Room is very suitable for 2 people and can be played at the Escape Room locations in Tilburg.

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