Battle Escape Rooms

The ideal bachelorette outing and perfect team building with colleagues. We have double ‘battle rooms’ where you can compete against each other!

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Battle Escape Rooms

Compete with each other in our battle rooms!

We like to take your escape adventure to the next level… So we’ll battle it out in the Escape World battle rooms!

Would you like to make your family, friends or team outing even more exciting? In our battle rooms, you will not only play against time, but also against each other. The group is divided into two teams, both playing the same escape room in a separate room. The rooms are identical and exactly mirrored. As a result, both teams have an equal chance of solving the escape room before the other.

The challenge of a Battle Escape Room

It is not just about whether you manage to escape in time, but mainly about which team solves all mysterious puzzles first. That is why you will not only see your own minutes ticking away in your room, but also the progress of the other group. In addition, the Game Master will be only too happy to keep you informed of the other group’s progress.

Which battle room do you choose?

Choose from the exciting Cabin in the Woods or the mysterious The Inca’s Doom battle rooms. The tension mounts as you race against both the clock and each other…!

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Battle Rooms

Cabin in the Woods Battle Room

The forest walk you and your friends went on unfortunately does not go as planned. You get lost and unexpectedly need to find a place to spend the night. In the distance, you suddenly see a log cabin, an ideal place to take shelter… Or is it?

Spooky sounds, the presence of mysterious forces and unexplained things happening scare you. There is a curse on this place and apparently no one has ever managed to leave this log cabin alive!

Can you chase away the ghosts before the other team and escape from the cursed cabin?

This Battle Escape Room can be played at the Escape Room locations in Amsterdam Waterlooplein


The Inca’s Doom Battle Room

You are on an expedition into the mysterious world of the Incas. To discover the secrets of the jungle and enter an ancient temple, you will have to solve all the puzzles on your way there. But watch out for Noo’zaca, the evil god of the ancestors… With his hypnotic powers, he won’t make things easy for you!

Resist the powers of Noo’zaca and unravel all the secrets of the Incas, before the other team beats you to it!

This Battle Escape Room can be played at the Escape Room location in Hoofddorp.


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