The Chocolate Factory


15 years and older

2 - 6 people

The Chocolate Factory Escape Room

According to Legend, a secret recipe for the best chocolate ever made was hidden deep in a locked vault in the heart of Amsterdam chocolate factory. This chocolate was so irresistible that people lost their minds after just one bite.

Now, together with your team, you will retrieve this recipe as soon as possible to set up your own chocolate factory and become rich and famous. But rumours say that people can only enter the chocolate factory on a specific day with a special ticket…

So you find out that a boy from a close-by village has such a ticket, and the moment he leaves his house you break in. Suddenly though, you are caught by his grandparents! They tie you on a giant bed and decide to, with help from the village, lock you forever. But because they are quite old, it will take them about an hour before they return. So hurry up! You have 60 minutes to get out, enter the chocolate factory and steal the secret recipe!

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Our visitors about The Chocolate Factory

We played the chocolate factory yesterday with the six of us. Was a lot of fun; fun puzzles and logical thinking.
We got him and that was nice of course. Melvin also enjoyed the introduction! We will come back again.

Savleem HoofddorpA lot of fun!

The Chocolate Factory was a very fun, somewhat difficult escape room. As a group we regularly go to escape rooms,
but this was one of the more difficult. With one minute left we managed to escape! Here we come back again.
And then we do not take in-between routes in the room.

KimFun, difficult, exciting!

We have done the chocolate factory. Cool put together and you always have to think about something you have seen
still matters further on in the game. Had to ask for a tip a few times because we were stuck. Very nice room and it requires a lot of thinking. Definitely a must.

Pleasant staff and when you called for a tip, you immediately received a cryptic clue with which you could continue. You also immediately get hold of the employee, as we have experienced differently ..

Dank Z 2015Very challenging, great style!

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