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An immersive adventure full of puzzles and brain teasers, together online in a group app. The most exciting online escape room for friends, families and companies!

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The mystery

The Secret Legacy

Julia, an old classmate of yours, gets in touch: she has received a cryptic letter from her parents – who disappeared without a trace 6 years ago during an expedition. Join the investigation and complete Julia’s parents’ latest expedition. Discover treasures, explore mysterious locations, and avoid traps as you chase the discovery of the century.

How the game works

Rediscover forgotten worlds of a lost civilization in this riveting adventure full of puzzles and brain teasers

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How the game works

Online Escape Room Game

Just before the game starts, you and your group will be added to a groepsapp chat. Together with your team, you will meet several live characters here that you can chat with, you will crack real brain teasers and search for answers on the internet and social media.

With the help of photos, videos and audio messages you rediscover lost worlds and the story comes to life!

You play The Secret Legacy from home with up to 5 teammates, trying to solve the mystery in two hours. The game can be played with 24 teams at the same time and even more in consultation. Perfect for an (online) staff outing or large groups!

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12 years and older

age icon 12

5 - 120 people

Online Escape Game

Who is The Secret Legacy suitable for?

Friends & Family

Play together with your family or friends, together or remotely from different locations. You can play online together with up to 3 groups (15 players) at the same time.

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Companies & Groups

We offer customization for companies: play with up to 120 players at the same time in a maximum of 24 groups and finish with your own message to your teammates or employees!



Nice game with many different (types of) puzzles, fun characters and personal guidance!
Nice game in which you go on an adventure with a character and solve many different types of puzzles. Very nice that there is personal guidance so that the answers are tailored to what the group says. Received good recommendation to communicate with your group members via zoom / skype / etc to facilitate consultation.


Great fun to do with the family!
Played yesterday with family (2 girls aged 14). Nicely designed, fun assignments, difficult enough while everyone could really contribute. Lots of variety and challenge. Really recommended to do 1.5-2 hours together.


Fun online adventure, just play from the couch! Top put together game via Telegram. Played with one colleague (who currently resides in South America). Nice thing is that we could just do this together, just online!
The puzzles were still quite challenging (also because the 2 of us were mss). We didn't make it to the end quite in time; so the supervisor helped us through the game a little faster the last bit. It is a fixed price. Advice is to play with several people!


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1-5 SPELERS | 2 UUR | €39,50 PER TEAM
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