The Man Cave is unfortunately closed.

Fortunately, we are building an insaaaaane new room!

For years in Escape Talk’s top 10.

This year we will open with the new room.

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The Man Cave

The hideout of the Piusgang

Difficulty level

From 14 years old

3 tot 6 people

Allegedly, there is a successful and influential gang hiding from average society. Their headquarters they call “The Mancave”, and its location has never been found out: is it the night shop, or maybe the library?

Now the gang has selected you to join. But first, you must take part in the challenging hazing. Look for the thing they care about most, steal it, and cash in on your spot in this prestigious gang!

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What did visitors think of The Man Cave?

"In The Man Cave is well done in everything. Nice theme and challenging puzzles. And importantly, different from other rooms. There were four of us and that seems like the perfect number as far as I am concerned"`

IneVeerleke 22

"Nice room, nice masculine decoration and tools you use for the puzzles! If you're a woman, you can also get through the room just fine 😉 By working well together, we made our way through the room and were outside again after 45 minutes "`.

Lonneke vDAlso for women 😉

With our family (2 adults and 3 children aged 15, 13 and 10 yrs), we did an escape room for the first time. On the advice of Escape World, we chose Inca's Doom. Beautiful decor and fun puzzles. Was fun to do and the kids were wildly enthusiastic.

Sabine VTastes like More!