The Rembrandt Runaway

From 5 people up to 70 people a 3-hour adventure for 35,- p.p.

Rembrandt’s painter’s suitcase has finally been found! This had been taken by his former mistress when she fled in 1650 to escape the horrific penitentiary Rembrandt wanted to put her in.

This suitcase could well be the answer to where Rembrandt’s lost masterpiece has gone….

Complement your visit to Escape World with an exciting city game! Explore the streets of Amsterdam with a unique perspective, full of challenging assignments and with a surprising denouement. In this package, the activities alternate: when the first group is in the escape rooms, the other group plays the city game. After 1 to 1.5 hours, you switch adventures.

The city game starts next to Grand Café Amstelhoeck, a 5-minute walk from our location. Before you start, each team receives a short explanation at our location and the suitcase is handed over.

This suitcase contains a GPS that follows your adventure and puts you to work at specific locations. By solving all puzzles in time, you can find out where to find the lost masterpiece.

Of course, it is not for all eyes… Do you dare to take on this quest and unravel the age-old mystery?

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