Escape World

The Inca's Room

Sweat is dripping from your forehead, it’s humid, dark, and a stone door falls shut behind you….Do you dare to step into the underground temple of Noo’zaca, the greatest evil ruler of the Inca Empire?




Gisteren de escaperoom 'inca's doom' gedaan. Supermooi gemaakt. Grote puzzels zonder sleutels en cijfercodes. Zit goed in elkaar!

Linda V, Tripadvisor

"Awesome Experience!"

I was amazed by the feel of a real life Casino. The puzzles are one of a kind and extremely intelligent. I was also impressed by the technology used in this Escape Room.

Andrei-Petrica, Tripadvisor

“Leuke escaperoom!”

Kamer is er mooi aangekleed in de stijl van de inca's. Puzzels zijn goed te doen, maar ook soms goed verborgen. Erg leuke kamer om te doen.

Jeffrey M, Tripadvisor

Rooms Available


Battle Rooms

You are sent on an expedition into the mysterious world of the Inca’s. Find out the hidden secrets in the jungle and break in the ancient temple. Try to resist the hypnotic power of Noo’zaca, the evil god of the ancestors to steal their ultimate treasure from the tomb- the magic Crystal Skull! Experience an escape room on steroids like you’ve never seen before, full of special effects like flashes of smoke, strange sounds and surprising twists! Since we have 2 identical Inca rooms, it’s great for teams to compete!

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2 Battle Rooms

2 - 5 people


The Grand Casino

You as a team of thieves have your eyes on stealing world’s largest diamond, currently owned by a ruthless casino owner. Indulge yourself in a great atmosphere with poker tables and slot machines where you need to fool the security system made out of lasers!

Part 1: Are you and your team part of the new Ocean’s Eleven? You’ve been selected to break in into the MGM Grand, Las Vegas’ most highly secured casino. Once inside you need to deactivate the security system and hack all the casino games. You only have one hour to complete your mission and leave the building before the owner will catch you!

Part 2: AVAILABLE SOON! This time you will visit the MGM casino as customers when it’s open. Because of your preparations the night before, you’ll win everything. One of the employees finds this very suspicious…Locked in the office of the casino owner, you’ll have a limited amount of time to steal the diamond from the safe and leave the building!

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1 Room

2 - 5 people



Opening times


Open: 14:00

Closed: 23:00


Open: 12:30

Closed: 23:00

About Us


Are you looking for something really different from anything you have ever done? Escape World Hoofddorp is an exciting escape game adventure for groups from 2 to 15 people and is located in the famous Claus Center. This is the perfect place to combine your diner, bowling or corporate meetings with escaping from a room as fast as you can.